The VEKX is an LED wall light designed for superior performance, easy one-man installation and has many options for lighting controls, surge protection, paint finish, voltage and colour temperature.

  • Adjustable head to direct light where needed.
  • High performance wall light with a minimum of 135 lumens/watt efficacy.
  • Type 3 optics for wide beam is standard.
  • Type 4 optics for forward throw is an option.
  • Fixture is designed with easy mounting features for one man installation.
  • Large back box allows for optional dimming motion sensor, on/off sensor, 10kV surge protection.
  • Electronic photocell is standard. It works for all voltages in the 120 – 277V range.
  • 3G vibrated tested


Models Available
  • VEK1X-LED30
  • VEK2X-LED60
  • VEK3X-LED90


RAB_SpecSheet_VEK1X-LED30_2019 Download

RAB_SpecSheet_VEK1X-LED30_2019_French Download

RAB_SpecSheet_VEK2X-LED60_2019 Download

RAB_SpecSheet_VEK2X-LED60_2019_French Download

RAB_SpecSheet_VEK3X-LED90_2019 Download

VEK1X-LED30-RAB-IES Download

VEK2X-LED60-RAB-IES Download

VEK3X-LED90-RAB-IES Download

VEKX-LED-RAB-Install-Instuctions-ENG-2019-04-12 Download

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