FLA-LED – Rugged, Efficient & Multi-Purpose Area/Flood Light

Rugged, Efficient & Multi-Purpose  Area/Flood Light


This DLC Premium product family can be used for area or flood applications and with universal mounting, order your fixture separately with your choice of mounting system.


Available in 150W , 230W, and 300W.

Introducing the FLA-LED

Light up parking lots, building facades and landscapes with RAB Design’s new FLA-LED product family!

This versatile, cost effective, DLC Premium product family features a universal mounting system allowing you to order your fixture separately with your choice of mounting system.

• 3 sizes available: 150W, 230W, 300W.
• Mounting Options (ordered separately): Yoke, Slipfit, Wall/Square Pole Mount, or Round Pole Mount
 0-10V Dimming Driver is standard.
 High 138 lumen/watt efficacy across all sizes.
 Photocell Option.

Extreme Mounting Versatility

High Efficiency Optics

Allows for an optimized and energy efficient layout! More light at a lower wattage means less fixture installations and lower maintenance costs.

Mounting Options



Square Pole Bracket

Round Pole Adaptor


 WattsLumensEfficacy (Lumens/Watt)Beam OptionsVoltage Colour Temperature
FL5A-LED150150W20,680138.23T2, T3, T4, T5*120-277V*, 480V
4000K*, 5000K
FL6A-LED230226.60W31,312138.18T2, T3, T4, T5*120-277V*, 480V
4000K*, 5000K
FL8A-LED300293.40W40,718138.78T2, T3, T4, T5*120-277V*, 480V
4000K*, 5000K

*Standard Configuration


*Standard Configuration

Versatile Beam Optics

Deliver the perfect amount of light while eliminating hot spots and glare. All FLA-LED fixtures are available in T2, T3, T4, T5.

Round Pole Adapter

To mount on a round pole, purchase the arm for the square pole/wall mount along with the round pole mount adapter kit.
The round pole adapter kit works with 4”, 5”, and 6” diameter poles.

Side by side view of square fla adaptor and round attaching.
Round Adaptor (FLA-LED Series Flood/Area Light)

Fits Poles With a Diameter of:


Very High Efficiency

The entire product family is DLC Premium listed, meaning it meets the highest level of efficiency standards set by the DesignLights Consortium.



At 138 lumens/watt efficacy, the FLA-LED series brilliantly couples high lumen output with low energy usage for an appealing combination

FLA-LED Series

3 Sizes Available


Replaces up to 400W MH
Watts: 138.23
Lumens: 20,680


Replaces up to 750W MH
Watts: 226.60
Lumens: 31,312


Replaces up to 750W HPS
Watts: 293.4
Lumens: 40,718

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