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  • Barn/Area Light LED
    2 Models Available

    The BLS-LED fixture is a high efficacy general purpose area
    light ideal for Barns, Farms, Security lighting, Industrial yards,
    Roadways and landscape lighting.

    Models Available

    BL1S-LED50A20 -> Selectable Wattage: 50W, 40W, 30W, 20W

    BL2S-LED120A50 -> Selectable Wattage: 120W, 100W, 80W, 50W

  • LED Area Light
    4 Wattages Available

    The XBAR-LED Series is a slim, round post-top area light with a colour selectable switch allowing you to choose a colour temperature of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K on the XBAR1 and a dedicated colour temperature of 4000K or 5000K for the XBAR2.

    Models Available

    • XBAR1-LED35 -> VK
    • XBAR1-LED75 -> VK
    • XBAR2-LED100 -> 4K, 5K
    • XBAR2-LED150 -> 4K, 5K
  • Lantern-Style Area Light
    3 Wattages Available

    The Coachman Series has a traditional, architectural look with the latest LED technology including options for beam distributions and lumen adjustability in an easy-to-install design.

  • Flood/Area Light LED
    5 Wattages Available

    The new FLS-LED Series is an update on our FLA Series fixtures. With wattage adjustable models, increased efficacy and DLC Premium, the new FLS-LED is ideal for a variety of Flood and Area Light applications including parking lots, building facades, perimeter lighting, and car dealerships. With a universal mounting system and five wattages available, the FLS can easily fit into any Flood/Area project.

    Models Available:

    FL5S-LED100 – 100W

    FL5S-LED150A50 – Wattage selectable from 150W to 50W

    FL6S-LED230 – 230W

    FL8S-LED300A150 – Wattage selectable from 300W to 150W

    FL9S-LED400 – 400W

  • LED Light Columns
    3 Heights, and Various Designs Available

    RAB Design’s LC-LED Series are fully customizable light columns. Create a variety of unique looks and features to meet your desired function. Ideal for parking lots, condos, parks, office complexes.

  • Area Light LED
    4 Wattages Available

    The HELIX-LED Series are performance area lights available in T2, T3, T4 or T5 optics ideal for a wide range of applications including commercial and retail parking lots, car dealerships, and roadway lighting.

  • Area Light LED
    8 Wattages Available

    Ideal for parking lots, roadways, and perimeter lighting applications, The AL-LED fixtures are high-efficiency area lights with multiple beam patterns to suit a variety of applications. Intelligently designed, this series of fixtures provide superior lighting performance and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.

  • Post-Top Area Light LED
    2 Wattages and 3 Mounting options

    The SKYLINE-LED is an architectural post-top area light with a modern look. This intelligently designed fixture can provide advanced optics with T2, T3, T4, T5 options.

    Models Available

    • SKY-LED35
    • SKY-LED75
  • Area Light LED
    2 Wattages Available

    The GAMMA-LED is a sleek, modern post top area light with a Type 5 medium distribution. Intelligently designed, this fixture provides superior lighting performance and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.

  • Area LIght LED
    3 Wattages Available

    The ORBITA-LED is a high-efficiency area light with a Type 5 distribution.

    It is ideal for parking lots, pathways, and other area lighting applications.

    Intelligently designed, this fixture allows for a customizable top and includes dark sky friendly technology.

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