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  • Twin Head Security Light
    2 Versions Available

    The NS2H is a twin head, security flood that is durable, easy to install, and features versatile controls to adjust brightness, colour temperature, motion sensor sensitivity, standby time, accent light, and photocontrol settings. The sensor can detect motion 180° wide and 45’ in length to offer maximum coverage in large driveways, backyards, residential, and commercial buildings.

    The NS2H-LED Series is available in two models (with sensor or without sensor) and in two finishes (matte black or white).

  • Twin Head Floodlight LED
    1 Wattage available

    Featuring durable aluminum construction and a clear tempered glass lens, this twin-head LED floodlight is fully adjustable to direct light where needed. This fixture is ideal for building perimeters, garages and entrances.

    View MS2HS-LED for fixture with a motion sensor that activates the light when motion is detected.


  • Twin-Head Sensor LED
    1 Wattage Available

    The MS2HS-LED is ideal for driveways, backyards, building perimeters, and building entrances.

  • Twin-Head Sensor LED
    1 Wattage Available

    The MS2HR-LED is ideal for driveways, backyards, building perimeters, and building entrances.

  • Wall Mounted Flood LED with Sensor
    1 Wattage Available

    The MS-LED-1H-180 has a 180 degree sensor and comes with one LED flood and mounting plate. The MS-LED-1H-180 is equivalent to a 300 watt quartz unit with a total of 1800 lumens out of the fixture. Whenever the motion sensor detects motion the floodlight automatically turn on. The sensor is adjustable and can turn the light on from 5 seconds to 12 minutes. Unit can be wired in parallel. Tested at -40C start temperature. Available in black or white.

  • Dimmable Smart Sensor
    Fully Adjustable

    Fully adjustable, dimmable smart sensor that allows you to provide reduced light levels as low as 10% when no activity is detected. Ideal for building perimeters, building entrances & exits.

  • Motion Sensor
    Fully Adjustable

    Ideal for use on building perimeters and entrances, The MS180S is a fully adjustable motion sensor that can be set for dusk to dawn operation and other custom applications.

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