Flood Lighting

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  • 120 Volt Economy LED Flood Light
    3 Wattages Available

    FLV-LED Series are economy flood lights in 120 Volts ideal for lighting patios, landscapes and other floodlighting applications.

    Models Available:

    • FL1V-LED16 – 15W
    • FL2V-LED31 – 30W
    • FL3V-LED61 – 60W
  • LED Performance Flood Light
    5 Wattages Available

    Ruggedly designed, high performance, versatile floods with multiple options for mounting (knuckle/yoke), beam distributions (NEMA 6X6/NEMA 4X4), colour temperatures (5000K, 4000K, 3000K), accessories (wire guard/visor), and paint finishes.

  • Commercial, Industrial and Sports Floodlight
    8 Wattages Available

    The SFL-LED series is a high lumen flood light that can be used in large sports, commercial, and industrial applications. Featuring a wide range of options and distinct features such as a lumen select switch, and mounting the driver remotely, this fixture can be customized to your needs and delivered to you within a quick time frame.

    The SFL is robust, durable, and features an industry leading 7-year warranty.

    Ideal for airplane hangars and large warehouses and distribution centers and more.

  • Wall/Flood LED
    4 Wattages Available

    The ORA-LED series is a fully adjustable multi-purpose fixture that replaces traditional wall packs or floods.

    The ORA features a sleek elegant design with multiple mounting options.

    Arm the fixture down for dark sky compliance or aim out as needed for flood applications.

  • Flood Light LED
    3 Wattages Available

    The FL-LED series is a highly efficient fixture series with a wide beam distribution that is suitable for general flood applications. Ideal for building facades, patios & yards, landscape lighting, and sign lighting when attached to an arm.

    Models Available:

    • FL1-LED16
    • FL2-LED31
    • FL3-LED51
  • Flood/Area Light LED
    5 Wattages Available

    The new FLS-LED Series is an update on our FLA Series fixtures. With wattage adjustable models, increased efficacy and DLC Premium, the new FLS-LED is ideal for a variety of Flood and Area Light applications including parking lots, building facades, perimeter lighting, and car dealerships. With a universal mounting system and five wattages available, the FLS can easily fit into any Flood/Area project.

    Models Available:

    FL5S-LED100 – 100W

    FL5S-LED150A50 – Wattage selectable from 150W to 50W

    FL6S-LED230 – 230W

    FL8S-LED300A150 – Wattage selectable from 300W to 150W

    FL9S-LED400 – 400W

  • Flood Light LED
    6 Wattages Available

    The VFL-LED Series are DLC approved floodlight LEDs that are ideal for building facades, sign lighting, area lighting, and wall washing in both commercial and industrial applications.

  • Twin head Floodlight LED
    1 Wattage available

    Featuring durable aluminum construction and a clear tempered glass lens, this twin-head LED floodlight is fully adjustable to direct light where needed. This fixture is ideal for building perimeters, garages and entrances.

    View MS2HS-LED for fixture with a motion sensor that activates the light when motion is detected.


  • Twin-Head Sensor LED
    1 Wattage Available

    The MS2HS-LED is ideal for driveways, backyards, building perimeters, and building entrances.

  • Twin-Head Sensor LED
    1 Wattage Available

    The MS2HR-LED is ideal for driveways, backyards, building perimeters, and building entrances.

  • Wall Mounted Flood LED with Sensor
    1 Wattage Available

    The MS-LED-1H-180 has a 180 degree sensor and comes with one LED flood and mounting plate. The MS-LED-1H-180 is equivalent to a 300 watt quartz unit with a total of 1800 lumens out of the fixture. Whenever the motion sensor detects motion the floodlight automatically turn on. The sensor is adjustable and can turn the light on from 5 seconds to 12 minutes. Unit can be wired in parallel. Tested at -40C start temperature. Available in black or white.

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