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  • LED Round Highbay
    5 Wattages Available

    The RHS-LED Series of highbay luminaires are ruggedly designed, and deliver a high lumen output ideal for illuminating warehouses, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities, gyms, food and beverage processing and commercial kitchens. This fixture series offers the most current, easy to use, affordable control options adding greater functionality to your installation.

    NEMA4X and NSF certified.

    Lutron Compatible Fixture using Athena Wireless Node (AWN).

  • Linear Highbay LED
    4 Wattages Available

    The LHBS-LED series is an easy to install fixture that provides well distributed uniform lighting and is ideal for large indoor spaces such as warehousing, commercial spaces and manufacturing applications. LHBS-LED is an ideal one-for-one replacement for conventional lighting systems such as HID and fluorescent. Lutron Compatible Fixture using Athena Wireless Node (A-WIN).

  • LED Lumen Adjustable Highbay
    5 Models Available

    The RHBS-LED is a brand new Colour Selectable and Lumen Adjustable highbay from RAB Design. Choose between three wattage settings and 4000K/5000K colour temperatures at the time of installation. The Round Highbay provides optimal widespread illumination ideal for warehouses, factories, gyms and other highbay applications.

    NEMA4X and NSF certified.

    Models Available:

    • RHB1S-LED100A60 – Adjustable from 100W, 80W, 60W
    • RHB1S-LED150A100 – Adjustable from 150W, 120W, 100W (NSF & NEMA 4X)
    • RHB2S-LED200A150 – Adjustable from 200W, 180W, 150W
    • RHB2S-LED240A200 – Adjustable from 240W, 220W, 200W (NSF & NEMA 4X)
    • RHB3S-LED300 – Dedicated 300W (NSF & NEMA 4X)

    Replaced by RHS-LED ( RHS-LED Product Page)

  • Highbay LED
    3 Wattages Available

    DLC 5 approved round highbay fixtures ideal for industrial, manufacturing, and factory environments. Ruggedly designed, IP65 rated and easy to install with mounting hook.

    Replaced by RHS-LED (RHS-LED Product Page)

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