RFL LED Floodlight Series

High performance. Sleek design.
RLF LED Floodlight

Versatility Redefined

The RFL LED Floodlights are sleek and ruggedly designed with efficiency top of mind. These LED floodlights have multiple mounting options and accessories that suit a wide variety of applications, including landscaping, sign lighting and industrial facilities.

Key features include:

• Approx. 112 lumens per watt
• 4 sizes, 5 wattages
• Air-flow heat fins at the bottom and top for optimal heat sinking
• Wide or narrow beam


RLF LED Floodlight heat sinking

OPTIMAL HEAT SINKING with heat fins at the top and bottom to provide continuous air flow.

RLF LED Floodlight advanced optics

ADVANCED OPTICS  Available as a wide flood or a narrow flood to suit a wide range of applications.

RLF LED Floodlight angle

ANGLE INCREMENTS are cast into the slip fit option for precise aiming and multi-fixture installations

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES include visor, polycarbonate lens and protective wire guard.

Model Types

4 Sizes, 5 Wattages

RFL1 20
Replaces up to 150W MH
Lumens: 2,367
Available in Knuckle Mount and Yoke Mount

RFL2 40
Replaces up to 175W MH
Lumens: 4,449
Available in Knuckle Mount and Yoke Mount

RFL3 80
Replaces up to 250W MH
Lumens: 7,945
Available in Slip Fit Mount,
Yoke Mount & Wall Mount

RFL4 103
Replaces up to 400W MH
Lumens: 11,522
Available in Slip Fit Mount, Yoke Mount & Wall Mount

RFL4 152
Replaces up to 400W MH
Lumens: 14,150
Available in Slip Fit Mount, Yoke Mount & Wall Mount

Multiple Mounting Options

Flexibility for various installations
RLF LED Floodlight knuckle mount

Knuckle Mount

RLF LED Floodlight slip mount

Slip Fit Mount

RLF LED Floodlight yoke mount

Yoke Mount

RLF LED Floodlight wall mount

Wall Mount

Versatility in Application

Our RFL LED Wall Light Series has limitless application potential.
Popular uses include building facades, wall washing, signage, patios & yards.
RLF LED Floodlight industrial
RLF LED Floodlight sign light
RLF LED Floodlight residential lighting