Bring Your Imagination to Light With LND/LNUD

Bring Your Imagination to Light

With Architectural Lighting


Linear Architectural Lighting

The LND/LNUD-LED Series are linear direct/indirect architectural fixtures that create a sleek, modern look for
commercial spaces. These fixtures are versatile with features such as colour selection, multiple mounting options and connector accessories which facilitate lighting set ups in different shapes and configurations.

Different Lengths For Different Spaces

Available in 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’ lengths. The fixtures can be connected in the linear configuration through the bracket by simply removing the end caps and connecting the fixtures together.

Illuminating Connectors For a Seamless Look

Design your dream interior by using different connectors to create unique shapes. Connector pieces include lighting inside to ensure a uniform look across every fixture. No gaps in lighting here!

Sample Configurations

Fixtures can be connected in straight runs or in different configurations using connector accessories. Examples include Octagon, Square, Rectangle, Cross, T and Y shape.

Direct & Indirect Lighting


 WattsLumensEfficacy (Lumens/Watt)Voltage Color TemperatureLength
LND/LNUD-LED2020W2,420121120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (3K,4K,5K)2ft
LND/LNUD-LED4040W4,800.5120.8120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (3K,4K,5K)4ft
LND/LNUD-LED6060W7,293.4121.6120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (3K,4K,5K)6ft
LND/LNUD-LED8080W9,733.4121.7120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (3K,4K,5K)8ft

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