RHBS-LED Select Series

Introducing the RHBS-LED Select Series

The latest in our highbay line; the RHBS-LED Round Highbay Select is a durable and easy to install highbay fixture. With colour and lumen selectable switches, you can be ready for any job, any time!

A Smarter Solution for Highbay Lighting

The RHBS-LED is a brand new colour selectable and lumen adjustable highbay from RAB Design. One of the first lumen selectable models in the industry, choose between three wattage settings and 4000K or 5000K colour temperature at the time of installation.


Round Highbay Select Series


Adjustable from 100W, 80W, 60W


Adjustable from 150W, 120W, 100W


Adjustable from 200W, 180W, 150W


Adjustable from 240W, 220W, 200W

Optimal widespread illumination which is ideal for warehouses, factories, gyms and other highbay applications.

Adjust Settings In the Field.

Colour Selectable switch allows installer to choose between 4000K/5000K at the time of installation.
Lumen Adjustable switch allows Installer to select between 3 wattage settings.

Motion Sensor Available

Optional motion sensor can be easily connected to the fixture without the need for extra wiring. Use the sensor remote control to quickly change motion sensor settings on the field.

Easy to Mount

With suspended or yoke mounting available; you can be sure that the RHBS-LED will work for your retrofit and new build applications. Includes mounting hook and 2 meter cords for line  voltage and 0 Р10V DC

Extreme Durability

The RHBS-LED has a rugged design with die-cast aluminum body and polycarbonate lens.

3G Vibration Tested

IP65 Rated

10kV Surge Supression


 WattsLumensEfficacy (Lumens/Watt)Voltage Color Temperature
RHB1S-LED100A60Max 100W, Min 60W14,500 Max145120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (4K,5K)
RHB1S-LED150A100Max 150W, Min 100W21,800 Max145120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (4K,5K)
RHB2S-LED200A50Max 200W, Min 150W29,800 Max145120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (4K,5K)
RHB2S-LED240A200Max 240W, Min 200W34,800 Max145120-277V, 120-347VSelectable (4K,5K)

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