Snapnlink SNL-LED Series

The power of the snap.
The flexibility of the link.

SNL-LED Series

Linkable Architectural & Undercabinet Lights

A game-changing, cost-effective, and durable architectural & undercabinet lighting solution.

Offering color-selectable options, a full range of accessories and a satisfying snap sound during installation; the Snap N’Link is the ideal choice for undercabinet lighting, retail, display cases, cove lighting, accent, and task applications.

With a Satisfying Snap

Create eye-catching designs using flexible connectors that allow for effortless the creation of shapes and designs, all with a satisfying snap sound during installation.

Flexible Connectors

Angle Connector

Connect fixtures at different angles between 80-280 degrees.

Vertical Connector

Connects fixtures along a 90-degree vertical plane in a single run

Interconnect Cable

Used to connect two fixtures together when there is a distance between them


Driver Extension Cable

Used to connect the driver with the button control switch if there is a distance between them.

4-Way Splitter

Used to split the load from one power supply into 4 run lengths. Can be used with hardwire or plug-in power supply.

Control Switch

Used to control light settings for plug-in and
hardwired installations.

Change the light setting through number of presses:

1st click = turn on light at 3000K
2nd click = change to 4000K
3rd click = change to 5000K
4th click = turn off light
Press and hold: increase/decrease brightnesss

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