WPS WPF Architectural Wall Packs

WPS/WPF Wall Packs

Updated, Upgraded Architectural Wall Packs

Same Cost,

Better Features...

It's a Win/Win Scenario!


Wall Packs 2.0

The WPS/WPF-LED Series of fixtures are semi/full cut-off wall packs with a sleek, modern design ideal for perimeter lighting in schools, condominiums, shopping malls, and commercial applications. Fixtures are versatile with features such as CCT select, lumen adjustability and wide voltage range.

The Same Footprint As a Standard Wall Pack

WPS2-LED has a nearly the same foot print in comparison with our WP-LED traditional wall pack.

Performs Better Than a Standard Wall Pack

Full cut of and semi cut off versions provide a more even distribution of light, with the option for the perfect lighting for every job.

Semi cut-off for partially directed light

Full cut-off for directed light

Standard wall pack with large light spread

At an Affordable Price

There’s no need to sacrifice; choose the WPS/WPF for it’s superior lighting options without having to raise costs for yourself and your customers.

Easy to Install

Side Hinged Design

Installers can use both hands when wiring during installation.

Level Bubble Inside

Quickly align the fixture during installation using the level bubble inside.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Install

Level Bubble

Side Hinged Design

5 Conduit Entries

Field Adjustable

Voltage Range: 120-347V

Colour Selectable: 3K/4K/5K

Lumen Adjustable


DLC Premium

Approved for Wet Locations

IP65 Rated

5 Year Warranty

UL Certified

Choose Custom Finishes

Custom finishes are optional, see the ordering guide on our spec sheets for more information.

Better Light Distribution Than a Standard Wall Pack

Wall packs, without the glare. Keep light where it’s needed with WPS & WPF.

WPS2-LED70A42-H-VK-DIM (42W 4000K)

Mounted at 15Ft

Total Lumens = 5598, Maximum Calculated Value = 5.99Fc


Mounted at 15Ft

Total Lumens = 5712, Maximum Calculated Value = 6.80Fc


 WattsLumensEfficacy (Lumens/Watt)Voltage Color TemperatureFinish
WPS1-LED30A1829.8 (max)4341.7 (max)145.7120-347VColour Selectable 3000K/4000K*/5000K Bronze*, Custom Colour
WPS2-LED70A4264.4 (max)8847.2 (max)137.2120-347VColour Selectable 3000K/4000K*/5000K Bronze*, Custom Colour
WPF1-LED25A1524 (max)3397.9 (max)142.9120-347VColour Selectable 3000K/4000K*/5000K Bronze*, Custom Colour
WPF2-LED55A3352.6 (max)7560 (max)144.5120-347VColour Selectable 3000K/4000K*/5000K Bronze*, Custom Colour

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