SFL-LED Sports Lighters

Get the Most Out of Your Season With SFL Sports Lighters

SFL-LED Series

Sports & Highbay Luminaire

The SFL-LED fixture is a versatile, high performance sports flood light designed for recreational and collegiate outdoor fields. It can also be used as a highbay fixture for high ceiling applications such as airplane hangars and large warehouses and distribution centers.

Lighting Up the Night at Snow Valley, Ontario

Recently, we took the SFL LED to Snow Valley in Barrie, Ontario, where it’s proving its ability to withstand the toughest conditions with its premium quality and strong durability.

Thanks to it’s fantastic dispersion patterns, the lighting coverage performs well in almost any large outdoor space. The SFL-LED is also the perfect solution for power outages compared to non-LED installations with instant on/off lighting.

Sports, Highbays, and Much More!

Ideal Applications:

Stadiums and Arenas

Construction Sites


Large Distribution Centres

Rail and Shipping Yards

Bridges, Monuments & Facades

The Run-Down on SFLs

Flexible Mounting

3 mounting options sold separately: Yoke, Slip Fit, and Highbay Yoke.

Easy Install

Marking of angle increments assists in aiming fixtures.

Beam Distribution

3 beam angle options available: SFL1: 30°, 40°, 80° / SFL2: 30°, 40°, 60°

Ordering Options

Laser pointer, visor, photocell and 7PIN receptacles available.

2 Colour Temperatures

Available in 4000K or 5000K CCT.


Laser Pointer Accessory

Used to accurately aim the fixture to the desired location. Range of the laser pointer is 200 meters. It is operated by rechargeable battery. Laser pointer package includes one DC (rechargeable) battery and battery recharger.

Visor Accessory

Reduce glare with the visor accessory. Screws are included in the package.

Superior Illumination

Hockey Rink Case Study

The SFL-LED can provide superior lighting in a sporting environment like a hockey rink. This comparison demonstrates the differences between choosing the SFL-LED, versus our general flood light, the FLS-LED.

SFL1-LED500 80° Beam


  • Averaging 21.5 foot candles
  • Light is directed to the ice rink, where’s it’s needed.
  • More even illumination.



  • Averaging 10.75 foot candles
  • More light is going beyond the hockey rink.
  • Approximately 50% lower foot candles (amount of light).

It's Not Just For Sports Fields

Although the name suggests that the lights are used for sports applications, there are actually a variety of uses for the lights.. Construction sites, hangars, large distribution centres, rail, work and shipping Yards, bridges, monuments and facades are all potential applications for the SFL-LED series.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click or tap on any of the questions below to see the answer.

Can I mount an SFL on an existing pole?

There are several considerations, the most important ones being age and condition of the pole, pole type/classification, EPA, maximum weight, and wind speeds. These calculations can get very complex hence we recommend doing a detailed study to make this decision.

Can the fixture be painted in different colours?

Yes, including the visor and mounting. Please see the ordering guide on the respective spec sheet for more information. Note: custom colours are subject to additional cost.

What is the standard surge protection offered in the SFL?

The SFL offers a dual surge protection of 6kV on the driver and 10kV external making it highly resistant from surges due transient voltage spikes. Optional 20kV available as an extra.

Can the visor be mounted on the bottom of the fixture?

Yes, the visor can be mounted anywhere on the fixture using screws included in the package.

How do I know which beam pattern to use?

The optimal beam patterns will depend on your specific installation needs and pole mounting heights. For a more detailed insight into sports lighting beam patterns, see the “Different Beam Patterns and Options” section of this article.

RAB Design Lighting offers free lighting layout services to assist you every step of the way during planning and installation stages. Just send an email to layouts@rabdesign.ca and we’d be happy to help!

Is the EPA calculated with the visor accessory?

Yes. The EPA is calculated with the assumption that a visor has been installed on the fixture. For more information, see the SFL-LED spec sheets here.

How do I get a lighting layout?

RAB Design Lighting offers free lighting layout services to assist you every step of the way during planning and installation stages. Just send an email to layouts@rabdesign.ca and we’d be happy to help!

Is the SFL a quick ship item?

No, we house components and assemble the fixture at our plant in Toronto. Please consult RAB Design Customer Success Team to figure out lead time.

Can the SFL be used with Smart Controls?

Yes, the light can be controlled by smart controls, we offer 7PIN receptacles to install the smart controls.

How do I aim the SFL fixture precisely during installation?

Aim the fixtures during installations by using the laser pointer accessory. The laser pointer has 200m range and can re-used on multiple fixtures.


 WattsLumensEfficacy (Lumens/Watt)Voltage Color TemperatureBeam Distribution
SFL1-LED500485.6W71,040146.3120-347V4000K, 5000K30°, 40°, 80°
SFL2-LED600601.1W92,533153.9120-347V4000K, 5000K30°, 40°, 60°

Are Sports Lights Right For Your Project?

We’ve prepared this easy to use checklist PDF ebook that will help you decide whether sports lighters will be the right fit for your field.

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How to use the checklist:

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