EVP5 Pro Design Pedestal

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pedestal

RAB Design’s EV Pedestal is a modern, intelligently designed, and affordable mounting system available in single and dual mounting configurations.

The product is currently compatible with level 2 FLO Home™ G5, FLO Home™ X5 – Smart Charger, FLO CoRe+™ and FLO CoRe+™MAX and can also be customized to accommodate other Level 1 and Level 2 chargers in the market. It is ideal for use in residential and commercial applications such as garages, parking lots, and curbside parking.

  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Can be used in a single or dual mount (front and back) configuration.
  • Rugged aluminum construction to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Aluminum base plate with an 8” Bolt Circle Diameter – for in/out connections to daisy chain multiple chargers and provides structural rigidity to the unit.
  • Provision for Strain Relief to avoid stress to cables and prevent them from breaking.
    (Strain relief not included with unit)
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Quick removable top cap for easy access for wiring.
  • Zinc plated anchor bolts on the base plate are covered by the shaft and thereby hidden from the line of sight.
  • Zinc plated anchor bolts that resist corrosion and surface wear are provided with the kit along with the template for drilling pattern.
  • The standard finish is Sandtex black.
  • Salt spray tested for 1000 hours.


Model EVP5 Pro Design
Material Aluminum
Dimension 60.3" x 11.4" x 4.9"
Wall Thickness 0.16''
Anchor Bolt Size 1/2''x12''
Bolt Circle Diameter 8''
Bolt Circle Diameter Range 8.16-7.85''
Bolt Square Dimension 5.65''
Bolt Square Dimension Range 5.77-5.55''
Finish Sandtex Black, Custom Colour
Weight 33.5 lb
Hardware Material Stainless Steel

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