• FL-LED Series

    The FL-LED Series of floodlights replaces Quartz floods from 150W to 1500W. Ideal for lighting patios, yards, landscapes and building facades, these floodlights are compact and offer up to 80% energy savings compared to traditional fixtures.

  • DWL-LED Series

    The DWL-LED Series consists of sleek LED wall lights with a slim profile and a rounded frosted lens that provides optimal light distribution.

  • UCA

    The UCA series of LED under cabinet lights is a unique fixture because of its ultra slim profile, pivoting design and a wide range of sleek accessories that can create that perfect ambiance for your kitchen.


    The AWL-LED Series are intelligently designed LED wall lights that are ideal replacements for HID wall packs and floods. The head can be aimed straight down for dark sky requirements or aimed out to deliver the light where it is required. Available in 3 sizes, 5 wattages. Standard finish is bronze. Ideal for use on building perimeters, loading docks, schools, townhouse complexes and apartment buildings.